Before investing in a small, 2 person hot tub, you should consider some of the top designs, brand names, and styles. With several options to choose from, looking for the 2 person hot tub which is durable, well made, and is comfortable, will allow you to find something worth investing in when the time comes to choose your new hot tub for two.

Homax 2 Person tub

With a 59″ inner diameter, it is more than enough room for two grown adults to fit comfortably inside this portable, small hot tub. It has a built in hard water treatment system, which makes the water smooth and gentle on the skin. It heats water quickly using a digital control knob, and water temperatures reach 68 to 105 degrees F in a short period of time. An inner buckle, two cartridges, and cover are also included with this 2 person hot tub, allowing you to properly care for and maintain your new investment easily.

A laminated inner PVC finish is not only comfortable, but also provides a durable sealed finish, preventing damage or penetration of the surface, so you won’t have to worry about the hot tub being easily damaged or penetrated when set up for use.


The oval design is ideal for two with this small, portable hot tub system. With a 56″ inner diameter, two filters,spa cover, and inflation hose included, you simply have to pick the spot where you want to place your new 2 person hot tub for use. It quickly heats up using the digital control knob, and can reach temperatures of about 104 degrees F, allowing you to enjoy optimal heat, comfort, and relaxation, in no time at all.

The PVC interior finish is easy to maintain, and with 110 Voltage requirements, it can be used in nearly any home, if you are looking for something that can offer a wide range of uses, and can be set up nearly anywhere outside the home. The lightweight finish also makes it extremely portable, allowing you to freely move around the new hot tub, and place it anywhere you choose outside the home.

Not only are these durable, well made 2 person hot tubs, they are efficient and affordable as well. Regardless of intended use, or what your budget is when investing in a new small, portable hot tub, these are a couple options to consider when you are looking for a 2 person seating capacity hot tub system.