Hot tub filters are one of the most under-appreciated parts of the hot tub system, but likely one of the most important. It is responsible for running the spa tub, and as water is being forced through the hot tub every minute of the day, your filter is going to clean the water of algae, leaves, sediment, phosphates, and other gunk which would otherwise build up.

What are they made of?
Filters come in a variety of material options. Diatomaceous earth filters are made of fine mesh material and are coated with diatomaceous earth (crushed fine bones). These are organic and non-polluting filters providing an Eco-friendly option for “Green” hot tub owners.

Sand filters use both sand and and gravel as a medium. Because small particles can get past the sand, incorporating a coagulant is a simple solution for properly filtering the water, and getting the most out of these filter material options.

Cartridge filters, made of fine, pleated mesh materials, are a third option to consider when choosing hot tub filters. Tighter pleats allow for steady water flow, while limiting the contaminants, debris, or other items which would otherwise fall into the water system of your hot tub.

Why do you need a filter?
If the fact that it cleans out and filters sediment, dirt, animal particles, and other harmful contaminants from your hot tub isn’t enough, then consider the cost of owning your hot tub. Without the right filter in place, the water system is going to become contaminated, it can ruin the hot jet system, it can cause complications with the internal configurations, and several other issues can arise if the hot tub, and internal system are not properly maintained.

Basically, the filter system is the backbone of your hot tub, even though it is one of the most overlooked items by most owners of these systems.

Cleaning & maintenance
This will vary based on the material of choice for your filters. But, using a hose which is fitted to your hot tub to blast out the particles, dust, and debris, will allow for easy cleaning and maintenance of the filters. It is best to use a filter cleaner, and avoid using soap or other cleaning agents, as they can damage your filter system. Frequency at which you should clean the filter will vary based on use, size of the tub, and other factors, but a good rule of thumb is to clean every 4 to 8 weeks.