Hot tub umbrellas and parasols provide a cost-effective alternative to conventional enclosures like gazebos and canopies and keep your spa protected from bad weather and the elements. Protecting your hot tub can save you money in the long run and can safeguard against potential damage, scratches or general wear or tear that can devalue the item. Here are the top 3 hot tub umbrellas/parasols that you should check out.

1. X-Large Hanging Banana From Bentley

This umbrella from Bentley utilises a water-resistant canopy that serves as an alternative to conventional garden umbrellas. It can be used anywhere in the garden but makes a great accessory when placed over your spa, protecting the equipment from the wind, sun and rain. The frame on the parasol is made from a high-quality, corrosion-resistant aluminum so you can leave the item in your garden all year round. Other features include a tilt function where you can adjust the umbrella to different angles and a crank winding system which makes it easier control the parasol when opening and closing the item. This extra-large umbrella makes the ultimate garden accessory and can safeguard your hot tub effectively.

2. 3M Banana Parasol from Outsunny

This parasol from Outsunny provides adequate protection in all weathers when placed over your hot tub. The product is three metres in diameter and can be used to prevent the sun from fading or damaging your equipment. The banana parasol is manufactured from an iron black powder which has been coated for extra protection and comes with a crank winding device to make it easier to close the umbrella. Use the lift slider to open the umbrella outwards and place it next to your spa instead of a more expensive enclosure like a gazebo or barn-style structure.

3. 3M Cantilever Parasol

The 3M Cantilever Parasol, also manufactured by Outsunny, has an attractive, contemporary design and is large enough to protect even the biggest of hot tubs. Whether your spa can hold two adults or six adults, this umbrella ensures your hot tub stays in good condition throughout the year. Features include an iron frame and a water-resistant terylene fabric. Eight ribs hold the structure of the canopy which allows the umbrella to stand upright even in windy weather. Just use the slider to extend the parasol outwards and place it in a position where it covers your hot tub. The green material blends well into the surroundings of your garden and can also be placed over tables and chairs.