If you are planning on investing in a new portable, 4 person hot tub, you not only want to find the best quality, durability, and comfort, but also something which is affordable and easy to maintain. Many manufacturers develop 4 person hot tubs, but not all are built equally or offer the same level of comfort. In deciding on your new 4 person hot tub, these are two top options to consider, when you are looking for comfort, quality, and affordable pricing options.

Intex Pure Spa

An insulated cover and top is included which helps reduce heat loss and energy loss when not in use. With up to 210 water gallon capacity, temperatures ranging from 68 to 104 degrees F, and easy digital control, you can quickly heat up the hot tub, and maintain the ideal temperature settings when in use. It comfortably holds four large adults, and includes a seat and back rest, for optimal comfort levels when in use. A built in hard water treatment system reduces maintenance frequency and costs, and an efficient heating system helps keep down operational costs. It also features built in cup holders and two height options to choose from, for optimal levels of comfort when in use.

Homax 4 Person Tub

With 130 built in jets, you will experience ultimate relaxation from this portable 4 person hot tub system. A 110 volt plug allows you to set it up nearly anywhere outside the home, and durable exterior fabric ensures the tub won’t get damaged or easily penetrated regardless of what is around it. A wide range of temperature settings to choose from, up to 104 degrees F, and digital control thermometer allows you to set the temperature with the turn of a dial. Built in bubblers also makes for added comfort around the legs, neck and back areas. The auto shut off feature also offers added safety so the hot tub won’t remain running when not in use, or cause over heating when not in use.

With several name brand options to choose from, these are two of the to 4 person portable hot tubs you can invest in. Not only do they include warranties to protect the body, as well as heating elements, they offer extremely comfortable interior spaces, a roomy interior, and high temperature settings. Add in the easy to use digital dials, and low maintenance requirements, and you have two great options to consider when investing in a new 4 person hot tub.