With the awkward shape, heavy weight, and large size, when time comes to move the hot tub to a different location or transport it to a new home, it can be quite difficult to make that move on your own. But, with the right assistance, and some patience, as well as a few supplies you can easily transport a hot tub to a new location, or into a moving truck for transport. These are some steps to get you started with the move.

First off, you have to empty out the tub. Remove all filters, accessories, and properly unplug all connections from outlets and walls. From there, you are going to want to drain the tub and dry it out completely to get it ready for transport. Make sure it is completely dry and no moisture is left behind, as this will add to the weight, and also cause movement when you are trying to move the hot tub.

It is important to have helpers around at this point, as you are going to lift the hot tub and place it onto a couple of dollies for transport. Having one individual at each corner of the hot tub allows for simple elevation and helps balance the total weight. It is best if only two individuals are needed to lift the hot tub, as this will help avoid too much movement or shifting when trying to place it on the dollies.

When placing the hot tub on the dolly, make sure the panel system is face down. This is the part of the hot tub where the control panel system is located. It is best to tie a strap around the hot tub during movement so that it does not shift, or possibly come off the dollies, especially if you are going to move it down an incline ramp or a decline.

Once moved and taken to the final destination, you are going to have to set the hot tub back up. So, you will need two individuals to take it off the dollies, to place it on the floor, and to begin the rewiring process. Further, you need to clean and refill the water before firing it back up for use.

There is really no guesswork to moving your hot tub; but, it will require sufficient amount of help, the right transport pieces, and the proper balance and safety straps to help you move it safely from one place to a new location.