For UK homeowners wishing to invest in a new portable spa,, is a great site to consider purchasing from. In addition to carrying some of the top name brand hot tubs, they also have a variety of accessories, covers, and maintenance products available on the site, allowing you to buy every and anything you are going to need, as a new hot tub owners. If you are shopping for a new hot tub, these are a couple options available through the site.

Vegas Lay-Z Spa

The 6 person portable spa features a comfortable place to sit down and relax after a hard day’s work. It features a durable, interior PVC finish, and a touch screen, digital control panel allowing you to quickly and easily set the temperature on your new hot tub. It has a built in massage system, filtration system, and mosaic pool liner and padded floor, adding to the high levels of comfort you will experience once the hot tub is set up for use. It is quick to inflate, and zero guesswork operation simply fill it up, plug it in, and inflate, and you are ready to go.

Canadian Spa Company

This Hamilton series, is large enough to seat 5 adults in the portable hot tub system. The acrylic exterior features built in speakers, interchangeable water jets, perimeter lighting, powerful therapeutic seats, and more. There are two loungers providing a comfortable, hydro-massage system with built in jets and powerful streaming water massage settings. A waterfall, built in steps, and Balboa controls, provide you with full control when setting up your new hot tub system.

Canadian Spa Company

If you need a little more room, the Victoria series spa can seat up to 6 adults comfortably. It has mp3 player with popup speakers, armrests built in to the two comfortable loungers, a waterfall system, cup holders, perimeter lighting, a lucite exterior shell, and built in love seats offer more relaxing room to spread out and enjoy the many benefits of this luxury hot tub system. With built in hydro-massage jet systems, you can sit back and relax in this sturdy, comfortable hot tub system.

No matter what your budget is, this site carries a great deal of selection to choose from when investing in a new hot tub. These are a few top model options, both portable, and upright systems, for those who are looking to invest in a new hot tub for the home.