Spa steps provide you and your guests with easy access to your hot tub. But with so many products on the market, where do you start? Here are the top 10 hot tub steps that you should know about.

1. Smart Spa Side Steps
These side steps are excellent if you want to step inside a higher pool and provide additional safety for your guests. Strong, durable and available in wide range of colours, these steps are functional and easy to maintain.

2. Leisure Accents Spa Step
This spa step from Leisure Accents provides quick and easy access to your hot tub and even comes with a storage compartment. Contemporary, functional and easy to clean, these steps are the ultimate spa accessory and come in a range of colours.

3. Leisure Concepts Durastep
These steps from Leisure Concepts are manufactured from a high-quality plastic and offer a no-slip alternative for guests who want to enter your tub if you are having a party. Available in various colours, these steps can be stored away when not being used or kept in a hot tub enclosure like a gazebo or underneath a parasol.

4. Essentials Coastal Smart Steps
These smart steps are perfect for children who might not otherwise be able to enter a taller hot tub. Manufactured from high-quality materials, these spa steps are durable and long-lasting.

5. Confer Plastics Side Steps
The Confer Plastic Side Steps provide access to various spas and hot tubs without you breaking a sweat. You can even store spa accessories in the steps and leave them by your hot tub all year round. Alternatively, store them away during the winter months or when you are not using your spa.

6. QCA Spas Spa Step
Made from a durable resin, these spa steps are attractive and will blend well with almost any spa design. There are two steps that will provide quick access to your hot tub – perfect if the tub is too high or you just need a durable surface when entering and exiting.

7. SaunaShop Spa Step With Drawer
With a load bearing of over 300 kg, these steps from SaunaShop come with a storage drawer where you’ll be able to store any garden accessories or spa products. The steps have a modern design and durable surface.

8. LifeSmart Spa Steps
These spa steps from LifeSmart are mahogany, making them a great option if you want a natural-looking design that blends in well with the rest of your exterior landscape. They have a slip-free surface, making getting in and out of your hot tub less of a chore.

9. Portabello Brown SmartStep Junior
The Portabello Brown SmartStep Junior steps are compact and contemporary and provide you with a slip-free surface for easy hot tub access. Great if you use your spa on a regular basis, the steps can be stored away when not being used and are easy to maintain and clean.

10. Redwood Spa Side Step Unit
These steps from Redwood not only look great but provide a stable surface when you need to enter your hot tub. Perfect for spas of all shapes and sizes, these steps are an essential accessory for your hot tub and are made from a UV treated maintenance free material.