If you are looking for a large hot tub, a 6 person hot tub is one of the largest you can find in the portable size option. With this being said, if you plan on investing in a portable 6 person hot tub, you want to know which products are the best, most comfortable, most powerful, require little maintenance, and offer the greatest quality build and construction. If you are considering one of these large hot tubs, these are the top 2 options to consider when time comes to invest in your new 6 person hot tub portable spa.

Homax Inflatable

With an 82” outer diameter, and 63” interior diameter, you can easily fit 6 large adults in the hot tub comfortably. It inflates easily and in no time, it is portable and easy to transport, and it is easy to power up with a standard 110 V plug. It offers a wide temperature range for you to choose from, giving you optimal relaxation and comfort, regardless of how hot you love the water temperature to be. The 130 air jets also provides steady even water flow, and it includes the cover for safety and ease of storage when not in use. It also comes with the built in heater, a digital cover to easily set temperature levels, and comes with full warranties for the spa body, temperature controls, and whole box control system.

Coleman Lay-Z Spa

A fabric coated material exterior body is durable, can withstand the elements, and won’t get easily damaged or penetrated, regardless of where you set the portable tub up. A rapid heating system and integrated filtration system not only ensures warm water when in use, but also optimal flow and temperature control when using the digital controlled system. With temperature capacity reaching up to 104 degrees F, you can also adjust to hotter temperatures in no time. It has a cushioned air pad floor for added comfort, digital control gauge for quick and easy temperature setting, and maintaining the spa requires little to no effort by the owner.

When choosing a portable, 6 person hot tub, not only do you want comfort, relaxation, and warm temperatures, but also durability, and high quality finishes. With either of these large hot tub options, you have an extremely comfortable setting, the ability to reach high temperature settings, and optimal comfort, along with simple control features, and very little maintenance required to properly care for your new portable hot tubs.