Were you aware of the fact that you can install your own hot tub in two simple steps. Simply grab the plug and insert it into the wall outlet nearby. Its really that simple when it comes to plug and play hot tubs or spas. In fact, these systems are ready to go right out of the box, and require little to no maintenance. So, in addition to having your own spa right at home, you won’t have to do much or spend much to maintain them once installed and plugged into a nearby outlet either. These are a couple models to consider if you plan on investing in a plug and play system.

1. LifeSmart Plug n Play 200

The medium sized spa can seat up to 4, it features a 110 amp motor, and has a total of 12 jets which are perfectly situated to provide the most comforting full body massage when you step in. Top side controls allows you to easily adjust the setting and strength of the water jet system as well as the water temperature with the turn of a dial. Rotating back jets are also included, as are foot jets and a waterfall for added tranquility and enjoyment. If you want ambiance lighting, you can remove the lens cap and install different LED lighting options for a soothing or unique outdoor experience.

2. LifeSmart Rock Solid Simplicity

A durable Sahara shell exterior, 4 person seating capacity, and 12 built in jets perfectly placed for a therapeutic massage are a few of the features owners of this hot tub are sure to enjoy. A waterfall is going to add to the tranquility, and help you sit back and relax while taking in a comforting, soothing massage in your new hot tub system. Digital controls are simple to use, allow for quick adjustment of temperature levels as well as water jet propulsion settings. Two different mood light lens caps are also in place, allowing you to choose from blue or red mood light setting options. The water in this system heats up in a matter of seconds, providing for a comfortable dip in the hot tub, and soothing massage with the built in powerful jet massage system.

Regardless of your budget, or amount of outdoor space available, there are several plug and play hot tubs you can invest in. These are a couple of the top choices to consider, when time comes to choose a new hot tub for outdoor enjoyment and use.