What Chemicals Does My Hot Tub Need?

If you are a first time hot tub owner, you might simply think that purchasing one general cleaner is enough. But, with so many products out there to clean, sanitize, remove sediment, and maintain your hot tub, what do you buy, and what do each of these items really do?

Making sure you are using the right chemical blend will not only extend your hot tub’s lifespan, but will also ensure a more enjoyable experience each time you choose to step in. These are a few chemicals you can buy, and what they do for your hot tub.



These will sanitize the water in your hot tub,, help maintain the right alkaline levels, and help ensure pH balance in the water. Like a filter in your refrigerator, these chemicals are going to help maintain the cleanliness of the water, and purity of the water levels in the hot tub.

MPS Spa Shock

These chemicals help to oxidize the spa water in the hot tub. This is done by breaking down oils and lotions, and any dead organics which build up in the filtration and water system over time, and with regular use by the hot tub owners.


Water Balancers

If you want to maintain the right pH levels, water hardness levels, and ensure the alkaline levels are in their optimal range, these are some of the chemicals you are going to use when cleaning your hot tub. Depending on the size of the hot tub, and desired levels of water hardness, there are several options to consider when purchasing these balancer products.


As the name implies, spa clarifiers help to fight the cloudy appearance and residue which you might start to notice in your hot tub over time, especially with regular use. They not only keep the water clean and clear, but also help fight off foam and other build up with little to no effort by hot tub owners.



There are also a variety of aromatherapy products which can be purchased, spa maintenance kits, spa cover cleaners, and filter cleaning chemical solutions and agents which can be used to properly clean and maintain your hot tub. With the right chemicals in place, not only will you keep the hot tub looking good and the water clean over time, but will also extend the hot tub’s lifespan, by properly maintaining alkaline, hardness, and proper pH levels in the water and filtration system as well.