Properly winterizing your hot tub is not only going to help prevent the possibility of pipes freezing and exploding, but any other number of possible damaging events occurring as well. If you plan on shutting it down for the season and aren’t going to use your hot tub, these are a few tips to keep in mind when winterizing the system.

Check the manual
First and foremost, check the owner’s manual. Not all hot tubs are the same, so follow directions in terms of temperature settings, covering the hot tub, and other tips given directly through the company which you purchased your hot tub from.

Drain caps
You will want to drain out the drain caps. But, once this is done, do not dry out the excess water. Allow it to evaporate naturally, so moisture remains in the plumbing lines of your hot tub system.

Properly clean the filters and leave them in a dry place. Do not reinstall them in the hot tub as the damp area will cause mold or mildew to begin forming around the filters. It is also a good idea to use a wet vac to remove all water from the hot tub prior to shutting it down for the winter season.

Clean it
Clean the exterior shell of your hot tub, the interior walls and lining, as well as the drain and filtration system prior to shutting it down as well. Using a hot tub cleaner or solvent is the best way to remove all sediment, build up, and other contaminants or phosphate which has built up over the course of use. It is also a good idea to cover the hot tub up once properly cleaned and dried. Do not place a sheet or other materials over the hot tub as this can produce mold and mildew, and allow some room for ventilation as well, which will help keep the system clean and properly maintained when not in use.

For those who want to extend the life of their hot tub, and plan to shut it down for a few months during the winter, properly winterizing the system is extremely important to do. These are a few simple tips to keep in mind when winterizing your hot tub, and properly cleaning and storing all of the components which are not going to be used during the colder winter months and the holiday season.